Indian Embassies in Latin America

Latin American Embassies and Consulates in India.

Honorary consulates of India in Latin America

Honorary Consulates of Latin America in India

Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi - Latin America and Caribbean Division

Commerce Ministry

Chambers of Commerce


Embassy Contacts

India has 10 embassies in the region. In addition, there is a consulate in Sao Paulo. The other countries are covered by these embassies under concurrent accreditation.

Indian embassies, as part of Economic Diplomacy, work proactively in partnership with Indian business for the promotion of India's external economic and commercial interests.

There are 16 Latin American embassies in India. Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador have consulates in Mumbai.

Honorary consulates provide limited support for business promotion. They do not issue visas. They are not paid by the Governments.

These Honorary Consuls in India can give general information but not visas( except Nicaragua ).


Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.

Latin America and caribbean Division

Head of Division - Mr Ashok Das , Joint Secretary

mail- Tel 49015511

Director -Mrs D Charandasi

Mail - Tel 49015505

Deputy Secretary - Tel 49015500

Under secretary -

mail Tel 49015501


Commerce Ministry


Joint Secretary

Shyamal Mishra

Nagaraj Naidu, Director



Eximbank of India, Washington DC

This office deals with lines of credit to Latin American countries. They give suppliers credit as well as creidt for investment and joint ventures

contact Shailesh


Chambers of Commerce in India


Indo- Brazil Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi

Sanjiv Kumar Gupta- President

The chamber is relatively small but Sanjiv is proactive and has been visiting and doing business with Brazil and other countries in Latin America.


The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), New Delhi

This is the apex body of industries and have offices in many cities of India.

web :

contact : Aravind Krishnan, Latin America Division.



Manish Singhal, Head of Latin America Division


Bilateral Chambers of Commerce in Latin America


Brazil-India Chamber of Commerce, Sao Paulo

President- Rio Branco

Vice President Rakesh vaidyanathan

This Chamber has branches in Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba and organises meeting for visiting Indian delegations.


India- Brazil Chamber of Commerce, Belo Horizonte

Elson, the President of this Chamber is also Honorary Consul of India. he is enthusiastic in hosting Indian delegations.He has an India restaurant too.


Mexico-India Chamber of Commerce, Mexico city


Colombia-India Chamber of Commerce, Bogota

very active and organises lot of events.


Ecuador-India Chamber of Commerce, Quito

formed in 2011 and is keen to promote business.


Peru-India Chamber of Commerce, Lima

Kishore Gupta, President

understand, this is not that active these days


Chile-India Chamber of Commerce, Santiago


Uruguay-India Chamber, Montevideo

Fatima, Secretary

well organised and serious chamber.


Argentina- Asia Chamber, Buenos Aires

new one.

contact Raul Pastorini, ex-marketing officer of the embassy